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case study webdesign

Jesse Scarpelli                                                                                                             May 10, 2015

Web Design                                                                                                                      Case Study



The goal behind my project was to create a website for my own personal use. This website could be made for portfolio purposes, entertainment, or whatever else I saw fit. My website had to be responsive and have a natural “flow” to it. Using the skills I acquired throughout the semester I had to piece together this site under a time constraint that often was difficult due to work and school.

The pages that I am presenting today are the beginning of my personal portfolio that will showcase some of my work; be it photography, sketches, digital work, or any others.


Although this was a project due for school there is the importance of tracking the time needed to complete the project. In this industry time really is money. The time you put into each piece is time you’re making money. So the amount of time needed to complete this helps accurately estimate the time and cost of future clients.


A lot of time was spent browsing through websites of illustrators, artists, designers, and graphic artists.  I started by searching and gathering a collection of links to sites such as; “HTML_UP,” “listamatic,”  “aiga” and “”  Using the skills I have gathered in this class I can now more easily search for and navigate the resources on the web to find what I need.


I started on this project by working in different programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to look at my options for site maps, look, and feel that would best represent my work. After this I created draft sketches of my site to better understand the proper lay out. Using what I learned in class with the different methods I was able to see all the major parts of my site and how Dreamweaver laid them out. My method was to look at my website from a architects standpoint of a floor lay out. Seeing and comparing my nav bar to that of a houses front entrance helped me better organize how everything should flow from there. Thinking of how to make the site responsive was easy once I thought of it this way as well.

Using examples I found online really helped me better shape my website. In this field there is no such thing as stealing, rather you’re embracing someone else’s idea and molding it into your own. I used the layout from many different websites to build my own.

Project Summary:

Time was my biggest obstacle. Trying to find a way to balance fulltime job during the week, a part time job on weekends, and classes was extremely difficult, and I often failed. Missing multiple classes or calling out of work just because I was simply too tired to even care at certain points negatively affected my work. This was no excuse to not finish though. Although I feel like my work could be stronger I am proud of my site thus far and hope to continue working on it to accomplish a streamlined responsive website that I can one day hopefully soon get online and start presenting my work to a more broad audience. Like anything else in life the hardest part is going to be to stay on top of my work and continue to update my work frequently and professionally.


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