Hyper Rough Drafts

First draft

First draft

This is a rough draft with only the base image accompanied by the polar bears. I had to visibly merge multiple backgrounds to make it appear like one open area. Then I used my free from tool to grab my polar bears from my concept photos to make them appear as if they are walking across the desert.

Draft 2

Draft 2

In this draft i’m starting to pull all of my used images together. while layering my background. Once again I used my free form tool to capture the smoke stacks in this image. The vultures were placed above to symbolize the death of the polar bears due to global warming.The sign was placed in to show how people in this time have adopted to this new way of life.

draft 3

draft 3

Here I have compiled all of my images and have started to clean up my idea. While still being messy, the basic idea is coming into light.As shown I replaced my previous smokestacks with a more functioning factory background. This was accomplished by copying my original image of a couple of factories and reusing them throughout the background.



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