Hyper Concepts

#1-The World Wide Fund for Nature; or WWF is an organization set up to protect the worlds natural environment. This is so that one day humans can live in harmony with nature. WWF achieves this goal through their mission statement of; conserving the worlds biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. To achieve their goal of global understanding WWF partners with UN organizations, IUCN, and development agencies such as USAID and the World Bank. WWF is trying to decrease the effects humans have on the environment and ensure a future for humans and animals alike.

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#2-Best Friends Animal Society was founded in 1984 as an answer to the growing problem of homeless or abandon animals. Since then thousandsof domestic animals such as dogs and cats have been saved from being euthanized for no reason other than they had no home.BFAS goal is to stop  4 million animals from being killed each year for no reason other than they have nowhere to go. Most of these animals are in their current situation due to divorce or break ups, a family losing their home, death in the family, economic problems, no name tags, or slight behaviour problems; such as barking too much or untrained. With help from charities nation wide BFAS can put sheltered animals in homes across the country and by doing this save lives that for no reason would have been put down.


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# 3- Keep America Beautiful is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping America pristine and beautiful for all future generations of not only Americans but any who wish to come and live in America. Keep America Beautiful has been fund-raising and protecting our environment since 1953 to the current day. This is the nonprofit organization responsible for that famous ad in the 70’s with the crying Indian on the side of the highway, effectively raising awareness for pollution and littering. Many of the reasons America is on the right path towards recycling and keeping America beautiful mostly due to this organization and continues to strive to keep it on this path.

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#4-Action Agisnt Hunger or “ACF International” is a nonprofit orginazation that is devoted to feeding those who do not have the means to feed themselves. ACF has groups in over 40 countries across the globe. ACF saves thousands of lives each year through their various programs, they supply over 5,000 men and women to impovershied countries and make a real change. The numbers speak for themselves; 550,000 farmers across the globe were supplied with necessary tools needed to keep up with their crops and feed millions, 42,000 severly malnurished children in the Congo had access to medical supplies thanks to ACF.

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