Cubism sketches


For this concept I want to incorporate different endangered animals into one image. The animals would consist of; an elephant, toucan, reptiles, bears. Alongside that the texture of the face would have feathers and scales.

sketch 2

This concept focuses more on the workers side of WWF. There would be a table with various items on them to show what there daily job may be like. On the desk would be “evidence” , handcuffs, various photos of dead animals pouched, a radio, maybe a passport, and a compass.

sketch 3

The skull concept is similar to the first concept. This skull will have broken up sections with each section holding a picture of endangered animals. The eyes will be elephant eyes ( because they look the saddest).

sketch 4

This concept takes a different direction entirely. Instead of focusing on the animals itself, this focuses on the landscape they occupy which is just as important. It would be mixed landscape on one plain; mountains, swamp, ocean, desert. To show the importance of preserving the land to protect the animals.


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