Type specimen poster research

Who Designed this Type face? Bruce Rodgers ( May 14, 1870- May 21, 1957) was an American typographer and type designer, acclaimed by some as among the greatest book designers of the twentieth century.Rogers was known for his “classical” style of design, rejecting modernism, never using asymmetrical arrangements, rarely using sans serif type faces, favoring stolid roman faces such as Caslon and his own Centaur.

When and Why was the typeface designed? Centaur is aHumanist type family originally drawn as titling capitals for the Metropolitan museum of art in 1914.The matrices were cut by Robert Weiking and the type was privately cast by the American Type Foundry. The typeface is based upon several Renaissance models.

What is the class of the typeface? What specific visual qualities lead you to classify it as such? Centaur is a humanist type family, in the Roman class. What led me to this is the use of Serifs. Rogers later added the Roman lowercase, and the italic, based upon Ludovico Arrighi’s 1520 chancery face. These were drawn by Frederic Warde. The completed typeface was released for general use in 1929 by the Monotype Corporation Ltd.


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