Graphic Design 1



final 1


1.What are the visual principles at work in the “Kandinsky” poster below? How does the poster visually relate to the International Typographic Style? Use specific vocabulary covered throughout the course. Your written response should consist of five complete sentences and use accurate spelling & grammar. Upload your text as a POST;  it should show up on your portfolio’s home page.

“Kandinsky” poster


The visual principles present in the “Kandinsky” piece are; visual hierarchy, scale proportion, contrast, and color. This poster relates to the international typographic style through its use of readability and cleanliness throughout the piece. The hierarchy starts in the middle with Kandinsky in bold black lettering, which also serves as a focal point. From there the viewer can easily make out the information present in the small text block on top and bottom right side. The color helps break up the text and make the piece less “loud”; it also helps draw the eye to the important blocks in the piece.


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