case study

animation case study

Jesse Scarpelli                                                                                                              May 10, 2015

Animation                                                                                                                        Case Study


Client                       Westchester Community College Animation class

Project Title            The Plastic Cup we need

Duration                   5 Months/ one semester

Team                        Myself and Professor Krikun

Description               For this project we were researching different ideas behind                   sustainability. We had to find an organization that we liked and make a short animation for this company. I chose our own school as the subject, in part because of their efforts to reduce our impact on Earth s environment. Through the use of the new cup introduced through Starbucks for WCC we can reduce the amount of garbage by 65% just by reusing these cups. They are cheap and reusable with the added bonus of a discount each time you use the cup.

I decided to do my animation based off of a classic good guy vs bad guy scenario. We have the evil Styrofoam cup that is constantly damaging our ecosystem, draining our resources like a resource vampire. This “vampire” is seen attacking our innocent meatball looking character and frightening him. In comes out “hero” the green mug. He is seen thwarting the evil Styrofoam cup and saving the day, our pockets, and the environment.

Research                       I did some research into sustainability by looking into different programs colleges across the United States are doing. Most colleges have a similar idea with reusable cups, which is a step in the right direction. Some colleges even have incentives for recycling or using biodegradable items, to lessen their impact on our environment. I also researched how Starbucks partnered up with WCC to provide these cups at a low cost to the students so that it would be more appealing to the students.

Challenges                   I did not face many challenges through the research steps. Most of my challenges came from design and actually animating the project. I feel my biggest challenge was time. With only one class a week and so little hours cramming in everything we need to know was a challenge for both us and the professor. Also the project I chose came with its own challenges. Doing research on a colleges program to get rid of waste is not easy. There is not a lot to go off of to begin with. All it essentially is was a new cup introduced to us with the intention of getting rid of plastic and Styrofoam with the added perk of a discount on each purchase.

Strategy                             My strategy behind this project started with research. Once all the ices were in place I gathered the knowledge I learned and was continuing to learn to start my initial sketches. My original idea had to be scrapped because of time constraints and poor planning on my part. My idea was too ambitious for the ability I had in animation with only a couple of weeks of learning. So starting from scratch I had to gather new research and start sketching out new ideas to plan out my course. From there my strategy became simple; get it done on time.

Design approaches               My approach to designing this animation was simple as well; use what I learned to build the best animation I could. I wanted to incorporate the idea of sustainability as a hero. So naturally a hero needs a villain to balance them out. This game me the idea of an evil Styrofoam cup that leeches off of the environment, I felt this was an idea everyone could get behind. I wanted to meatball looking thing to be all of us and show our fear of things that can hurt the environment. So then the cup comes in and saves the day and us from more environments damaging Styrofoam.

Effectiveness                                             I don’t know yet, no one has seen it but me.

Budget                                      My soul and time.


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