Digital imaging journal week 7

This is the direction technology is heading in. This invention is still in its infant stage, but already has the potential to change the way our world thinks. With the use of this doctors could theoretically perform surgeries from across the globe. Mothers could tuck their children in while away on business. These are just simple ways this invention could be applied to everyday life. With MIT hard at work its only a matter of time before this is a reality.


Digital Imaging journal week 6

 Andrew Lincoln-"Rick Grimes"

Andrew Lincoln-“Rick Grimes”

The Walking Dead returned this past weekend and reclaimed its spot as TV’s number one show. The season premier was aired on October 9th and was viewed by 17.3 million zombie fans. This show just keeps growing and gnawing at the competition. Last years season premier aired with 16.3 million breaking the previous record also set by The Walking Dead. As the seasons continue to role out, the make up and effects just keep getting better and gorier. Hopefully there is no end to the wave of zombies tearing up the TV spotlight.

Digital Imaging journal week 4

As the wings of democracy sweep across the world it seems China is next in line. In the growing wave of unfairness across the globe China feels they deserve true democracy. The protesters are asking high-ranking officials to step down from their corrupt positions and allow a vote. If all ends well this will open China’s access to media globally instead of he government restricted internet they have now.

Digital Imaging journal week 3

Starting on October 9th NYC will be flooded with some of the coolest people around. This marks the start of the greatest weekend of the year. Four days of movies, comics, video games, art, and any media between. People get to show off their creative side through cosplaying and some of these costumes will blow you away. So if you can stop by you wont be disappointed.

Digital Imaging journal week 2

This is the future. With the help of these roads our lives can be much safer and smarter. Not only will these roads eliminate the need for street lights; saving the government millions of dollars, but also provide safer means of energy. The possibilities in using solar energy are endless. Hopefully these ideas can launch and provide the world with cleaner safer energy.

Composite so far

Composite work so far

Composite work so far

This composite shows two polar bears attempting to cross the “road”. This scene shows a world full of pollution and the damages it has caused. We see the vultures over head circling showing how close the bears are to death. While the sign on the right makes this scene almost seem natural like everyday life.

Digital Imaging journal week 1.

The subject of non-profit organizations is important for the future of not only our country but worldwide. These organizations help millions of people through fund-raising and hard work. These organizations are not only for people though; such as homeless or displaced people, but for families and animals as well. Worldwide millions of families are considered refugees because of civil wars or other atrocities. Thanks to organizations such as the red cross these families can have another chance and rebuild what they once had. Or organizations like the humane society of the United States which not only saves animals lives but also educate people on how to do the same. In short with the growth of these organizations we can potentially through hard work and commitment make sure that all people and animals can live a whole healthy life.